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Long black hair and Buddhist blessings

In Burmese culture there is a saying – “For a woman, your beauty is your hair” – and the longer it is, the better. All of which makes a Buddhist abbot'srequest for donations of hair all the more merit-making and generous. Women of Burma are donating their hair to build new roads and bridges throughout the country.

Padaung ‘longnecks’ begin their journey home

A handful of emboldened Padaung women, commonly known as “long necks”, are taking the long journey back to their villages in Karreni State, Burma. During the years of hostilities in Burma many fled to Thailand to seek refuge. Now some women want to return to their native villages and set up new tourism ventures.

The long road to rural healthcare reform

Mismanagement and a chronic lack of funding during 50 years of military rule are the main culprits for the poor state of healthcare in Burma today. According to World Health Organisation figures, less than four percent of all government spending goes to healthcare in Burma – trailing behind war-torn countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gambira finally freed from prison

The former monk, who helped to spearhead massive, monk-led protests in 2007 — dubbed the Saffron Revolution — over deteriorating living conditions and the oppressive rule of then-dictator Than Shwe, has been released from prison.

Mexican students continue to fight

Protests in Guerrero, Mexico, have erupted into the streets yet again this week as families demand the return of their missing children. Last September 43 students went missing-allegedly carried out by the police. Official reports have confirmed...

Mercado Corona: Las primeras respuestas después del incendio

A fire destroyed one of Guadalajara's historical building this week. Many shopsellers lost their goods in the fire and are worried about their future. There's also talk that a new Citimart shopping plaza could be built on the site which has caused concern in the community.


Young people with a disability left out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme continues to move ahead with NSW and Victoria the latest states to sign on for full roll out starting next year but there is still virtually no funding for disability housing.